Covid19 UPDATE

The exact form of our worship services will develop as guidance changes. 

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Sunday Services for October

    St Paul's, Tupsley
4 October   9.00am Harvest Communion
11 October   9.00am Morning Worship
18 October   9.00am Holy Communion
25 October   9.00am Morning Worship
    St Andrew's, Hampton Bishop
4 October   6.00pm Evening Worship
11 October   6.00pm Holy Communion
18 October   6.00pm Evening Worship
25 October   4.00pm Holy Communion

We will explore different approaches to sharing The Lord's Supper (Holy Communion) as understanding and circumstances develop. These services aim to be 30 minutes long, and will mainly not include our main teaching. Our main teaching will remain on our St Paul's Hereford YouTube Channel.

Whilst Government guidance has been revised to allow certain activities in church buildings, it is vital that the necessary hygiene and social distancing precautions are kept in place in order to protect the NHS and save lives.

Do not attend if you are at particular risk or in a vulnerable category.
Wearing of face masks is required unless you are exempt.
Retain a full 2 metre social distancing; and there will be no singing nor hand contact.
Please follow government guidelines and do not be in a group of more than six when outside.

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